User Types


Your journey to higher education begins here! Whether you're a current high school student or looking to return to the classroom, here you will find tons of resources on any of our member schools. Let us help you find the right path for this new adventure.


This User Type is open to anyone currently enrolled in a college or university. There are a lot of things happening on campus and this user type provides the tools you need make your university experience enjoyable and fulfilling. Whether you want to share something in or outside of school, this would be your access to the world.


Just because you've left your Alma Mater, it doesn't mean you have to disconnect from the community! Engage with current students and help improve the culture of your university. Also, this is perfect for college grads thinking of creating scholarships and following recipients as they complete their path to the corporate world.


Calling all educators. If you're a professor or employed as a faculty member at a college or university, this is the place for you. As an educator, you're in a unique position to further help improve your students, as well as connect with fellow teachers for support, advice, even tips of the trade.

Group Types


This is your hub for everything related to a specific university or college including information about campus-life, sports, academics, and so much more. Check the feed of the school you're interested in to see what's happening there in real time.
vetting_university vetting_university vetting_university


This is a group for what's going on right now, on your campus and in your community. Connect and engage with others about whatever is important to you.
social social social


Use this group to follow all of your favorite teams in your community; whether it be local pro teams or college teams, bring your sports world together here!
team team team


A type of group for user-created teams or clubs. Create your own ultimate Frisbee league and organize upcoming matches, or schedule your film club's next meeting. Live stream your intramural basketball games!
league league league


This group is for upcoming parties or events. You can track attendees and share related information to everyone with ease. Any news about something going on in your community can be uploaded here so everyone across the community can see what's going on.
event event event


Broadcast your gaming skills to the world with this type of group. challenge users from other schools to join your lobby or find other players from your community.
gamer gamer gamer


When you want to collaborate with other students about important issues or educational projects, this type of group will serve you best.
discussion discussion discussion


This type of group is designed to help students better track their performance and improve their discussions of a specific class. You will eventually be able to store homework and projects here and share them with other people in your course.
classroom classroom classroom

Study Group

This type of group is for you and your fellow classmates to assemble with the goal of better understanding the courses' subject material. Discuss or collaborate on anything related to a class.
study study study

Educational Support


See a list of all the Universities and Colleges we are working with across the nation and eventually the world!

High School

Eventually we will be adding in high schools so prospects and past students to connect with. Here is where you'll click to see all the high schools on our site.

Adult Learner

Connect with adults in your state that are looking to get back into education. Check for your state and collaborate with other individuals to narrow down your search.

Home School

Connect with other students being home schooled in your cmmunity. Connect with leagues and get any information you may need to stay connected with all the resources you have access to in a traditional setting.